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Agile / Lean / XP / Scrum Assessment

Agile methodologies provide organizations with the ability to accept uncertainty in a product development cycle by learning and shipping incrementally. This approach leads to reducing risk and shortening time to market. We achieve this through a focus on collaboration as well as quality.

Red-Green-Innovate has put together an offering for Managers, Directors, VPs, or CTO / CIO s who are ready to move to an agile process or are looking for refining and enhancing their current agile practices.

Our two day, on site assessment takes a look at your current process and provides you with a plan for improvement. We do not subscribe to one practice. Instead, we talk with you and your teams to understand your current strengths, what you see as opportuninties for improvement, and what, if any, limiting factors you have in place. Red Green Innovate strives to help you accentuate what is working and provide direction on resolving some challenges.

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Just looking for training? We offer that as well - more information on our Agile Training.


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