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Continuous Delivery Training

Continuous delivery is the ability to ship new and enhanced features, updates, and patches to your customers and your environment more frequently, with higher quality, and substantially less risk. This allows organizations to learn their market faster and adapt accordingly.

Red Green Innovate offers a 2 day, hands on continuous delivery training. This course is designed for people in the development space as well as operations and configuration management. The class is hands on with regular group exercises used to enforce the concepts.

In this class, you will learn and work with tools in Continuous Integration, Version Repositories, Virtualization, Build Tools, Testing, Monitoring, and Deployment Orchestration.. The goal of this class is to familiarize attendees with the concepts of the continuous delivery space along with some of the common open source tools that are leveraged.

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Looking for an assessment to personalize your Continuous Delivery experience? We offer that as well - more information on our Continuous Delivery Assessment.


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