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Innovation Coaching

Innovation is what keeps companies moving forward. That same innovation and creativity is what is feeding startups throughout the world. The ability to truly innovate and not either flail wildly or become stagnant in assessing markets is a space that challenges most organizations today.

Red-Green-Innovate has put together an offering for organizations, large and small, that are looking for assistance in innovation and creating an innovative culture at their organization.

Innovation Coaching from Red Green Innovate starts with a quick discussion and interview with various random members of your organization. This is done to get a pulse of the environment. From there, we work with you to introduce new ideas - ranging from education, to structure, to environment - to enhance the ability for the organization to innovate.

Environment is just one side though. While we are working with you to creat this environment, we are also educating you and your staff on focused learning, testing theories on markets and opportunities, as well as concepts from the Lean Startup space like pivot and MVP.

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