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Product Development Training

Red Green Innovate offers a 2 day, hands on course for product development. This non-technical course is designed creators of products of all backgrounds that are looking for ways to improve their product development abilities. The class is hands on with regular group exercises used to enforce the concepts.

In this class, you will learn tools and concepts that are leveraged to understand your user, your market, and your product better. Leveraging personas and storymaps, we create scenarios for testing that drives our produce development. We don't look at features, we look at questions to answer. Would the user workflow benefit from a shortcut like X? We will also look at ways to introduce small changes to a product in a low impact manner to determine if we should invest more. Finally, we look at what to do when our market is telling us to move elsewhere. You will leave this class with a deeper understanding, from concept to cash, of what drives your product.

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