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TDD Training

Red Green Innovate offers a 2 day, hands on training in test driven development (TDD). This course is designed for developers that are looking to understand or enhance their skills in TDD. This course also makes sense for a tester with programming skills. The class is hands on with regular group exercises used to enforce the concepts.

This class can be delivered in the following languages: Java; C#; Ruby; Scala; Clojure. We also offer up variants for higher level testing (functional or integration) or mobile platforms.

In this class, you will learn first and foremost how to drive your development with tests, what makes a good test, and how to allow your code and design to emerge. We will work with scenarios and testing strategies for legacy code as well as code with outside dependencies (database, web service, etc). You will leave this training understanding how to allow tests to drive your development, whether it be new development or legacy code.

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